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09/27/2022, 11:14 PM
🍱 <!channel> BentoML has just released
featuring the gRPC preview! Without changing a line of code, you can now serve your Bento as a gRPC service. Similar to serving over HTTP, BentoML gRPC supports all the ML frameworks, observability features, adaptive batching, and more out-of-the-box, simply by calling the
CLI command.
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> pip install "bentoml[grpc]"
> bentoml serve-grpc iris_classifier:latest --production
• Checkout our updated tutorial for a quick 10-minute crash course of BentoML gRPC. • Review the standardized Protobuf definition of service APIs and IO types, NDArray, DataFrame, File/Image, JSON, etc. • Learn more about multi-language client support (Python, Go, Java, Node.js, etc) with working examples. • Customize gRPC service by mounting new servicers and interceptors. ⚠️ gRPC is current under preview. The public APIs may undergo incompatible changes in the future patch releases until the official
minor version release. • Enhanced access logging format to output Trace and Span IDs in the more standard hex encoding by default. • Added request total, duration, and in-progress metrics to Runners, in addition to API Servers. • Added support for XGBoost SKLearn models. • Added support for restricting image mime types in the Image IO descriptor. 🥂 We’d like to thank our community for their contribution and support. • Shout out to @benjamintanweihao for fixing a BentoML CLI bug. • Shout out to @lsh918 for mixing a PyTorch framework issue. • Shout out to @jeffthebear for enhancing the Pandas DataFrame OpenAPI schema. • Shout out to @jiewpeng for adding the support for customizing access logs with Trace and Span ID formats. 📣 We’d also like to invite everyone to join a Slack AMA session with the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Arize, @Aparna Dhinakaran, on Thursday, September 29, 1-2pm PST/4-5pm EST. Looking forward to seeing everyone here!
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Amar Ramesh Kamat

10/05/2022, 1:02 AM
@Sean any idea how to configure grpc via the container route ?


10/05/2022, 2:56 AM
@Amar Ramesh Kamat could you please share more details what you’re looking to configure in gRPC?