Benjamin Dumford

03/07/2023, 8:33 PM
Is it possible to suspend Atlantis plans from running on a PR that has a particular label attached to it, e.g. WIP? That way subsequent commits to the PR before it's complete would not cause Atlantis to re-plan the project multiple times. The reason we would want to do this is to save on consuming cloud resources by running Terraform plans that are not needed while the PR is a work in progress. Some of our engineers like to collaborate on a project with an open PR and archive their comments on the project there.


03/07/2023, 10:06 PM
You can use the github api or the gh cli tool in a custom workflow to do this
If you want a feature baked into atlantis, currently we do not have this ability, but if proposed, we will review it
You can also set your pr to draft to avoid replans

Benjamin Dumford

03/08/2023, 3:31 PM
Thanks!!! I will definitely look into these solutions. Appreciate the reply!