[Question] - Hi everyone, I am back here with anot...
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[Question] - Hi everyone, I am back here with another question. I am performing the following query but the `max`value returned ignores the
. Could you guys please help me with that:
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select max(myColumn) max_myColumn
    from myTable
	where myDateTime >= (now() - cast((9499687)+(1000*60*60) as long))
the same with `count`works just fine
Have you tried a query with the same where clause, but no max, but sort by myCoumn desc, to see what max really should be.
This does produce fewer results than without the `where`clause:
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select myCol
from myTb
where myCol >= (now() - cast((9499687)+(1000*60*60*15) as long))
order by myCol desc
Hi there!! Hope all is good with you people! We got figured it out! I'll try and do a PostMortem, but here are a few points: 1. Check the settings before anything! It turns out the column format wasn't quite right and @Mayank had already helped us with this link 2. When you have a calculated in PSQL and use it in the
clause it will filter out results with the resulting calculation.
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