Can someone please point me to documentation for `...
# getting-started
Can someone please point me to documentation for
fields in the table confi? I want to understand what does a default / dynamic star-tree index mean.
Dynamic: (search for that field here). If this is not set, startree wont get added/altered on reload segmets call
hmm i somehow missed the default index generation part when i read about star-tree index. thank you for sharing these. i did read the table index config one. Please correct me if I am wrong - setting dynamic star-tree to true will re-generate star-tree index after table config is updated and we reload segments?
when you reload segments - yes
regardless of whether that property is set to true or false? or only if that property is set to true?
let me just rephrase - do your recommend setting it to true or false?
i am basically trying to figure out answer to this question -
only if you set it to true 🙂
you must set it to true if you expectbto make changes to the startree and would like those reflected in the index inside the segments
Got it. Thanks Neha.
Asking a kinda obvious question - schema change which doesn't impact change in star-tree index doesn't warrant a reload segments call? and everything should just work seamlessly?
are you adding a new column? typically, after you add a new column, you would want to do a reloadAll segments. That way the new column gets populated into the existing segments (as default value)
if you dont do a reload, you will have old segments with one less column than the new segments. This results in a mismatch in the schema, when a query spans across old and new segments
a query like
select *…
will error out, because the columns fetched from old and new will be differet.
before you do a reloadAll, would be a good idea to disable the
flag in the table . Since your schema change is not affecting the startree, would be good to skip it while reloading to be safe
Got it. This is very helpful. Thank you. And yes I was thinking of the case where we are adding a new column. I lied when I said before that we don't have schema registry. We have one - but is not a confluent one and a homegrown one so my option is to either implement my own version of event decoder to use our schema registry or embed schema with in the table config.