Hi. Pinot Team! I am testing an injection job usin...
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Hi. Pinot Team! I am testing an injection job using a 'org.apache.pinot.plugin.inputformat.parquet.ParquetRecordReader'. My problem is that the binary type of parquet file is not converted to the string type of pinot. The data that appears as a query in the pinot is like a hex string. What's the problem? -- query result "resultTable": { "dataSchema": { "columnNames": [ "firstname", "gender", "lastname", "score", "studentid", "subject", "timestampinepoch" ], "columnDataTypes": [ "STRING", "STRING", "STRING", "INT", "INT", "STRING", "LONG" ] }, "rows": [ [ "4e6174616c6965", "46656d616c65", "4a6f6e6573", 3, 109, "4d61746873", 1647980000000 ] ] }, -- parquet file schema parquet-tools schema 6a4e9212ba501d90-c3a971300000000_1596454343_data.0.parq message schema { optional int32 studentid; optional binary firstname; optional binary lastname; optional binary gender; optional binary subject; optional int32 score; optional int64 timestampinepoch; } -- injestion job log read value: {"studentid": 109, "firstname": "Natalie", "lastname": "Jones", "gender": "Female", "subject": "Maths", "score": 3, "timestampinepoch": 1647980000000} Start building IndexCreator! Finished records indexing in IndexCreator! FileName set to metadata.properties Base path set to /tmp/pinot-6a2e3b81-8eda-40c9-9a53-0d9cc03c85fd/output/tmp-8b8f9c6b-6a22-41d9-a16d-3eefe3d75d81 Finished segment seal! Converting segment: /tmp/pinot-6a2e3b81-8eda-40c9-9a53-0d9cc03c85fd/output/batch_2022-03-22_2022-03-22 to v3 format FileName set to metadata.properties -- table { "tableName": "transcript", "tableType": "OFFLINE", "segmentsConfig": { "schemaName": "transcript", "replication": 3, "timeColumnName": "timestampinepoch", "timeType": "MILLISECONDS" }, "tenants": { "broker":"DefaultTenant", "server":"DefaultTenant" }, "tableIndexConfig": { "loadMode": "MMAP" }, "ingestionConfig": { "batchIngestionConfig": { "segmentIngestionType": "APPEND", "segmentPushFrequency": "DAILY" } }, "metadata": {} } -- schema { "schemaName": "transcript", "dimensionFieldSpecs": [ { "name": "studentid", "dataType": "INT" }, { "name": "firstname", "dataType": "STRING" }, { "name": "lastname", "dataType": "STRING" }, { "name": "gender", "dataType": "STRING" }, { "name": "subject", "dataType": "STRING" } ], "metricFieldSpecs": [ { "name": "score", "dataType": "INT" } ], "dateTimeFieldSpecs": [{ "name": "timestampinepoch", "dataType": "LONG", "format" : "1MILLISECONDSEPOCH", "granularity": "1:MILLISECONDS" } ] }
You can use a transformconfig during ingestion to convert hex to string
@User My sample data was a string, and I think it was saved in binary format when saved as a parquet file. When using ParquetRecordReader in InjectionJob, should I always translate hex to string?
whats the parquet schema
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case BINARY:
  if (originalType == OriginalType.UTF8) {
    return from.getValueToString(fieldIndex, index);
  if (originalType == OriginalType.DECIMAL) {
    DecimalMetadata decimalMetadata = fieldType.asPrimitiveType().getDecimalMetadata();
    return binaryToDecimal(from.getBinary(fieldIndex, index), decimalMetadata.getPrecision(),
  return from.getBinary(fieldIndex, index).getBytes();
this is the extractor code
if your type is utf8, then we read it as string
else bytes
@User Thank you. That was the problem. Apache Impala does not use utf8 annotation to save parquet files.
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