Question about the right process for getting docs ...
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Question about the right process for getting docs updated for a PR. I’d created, which contained information about the documentation that would need to be updated. This PR was eventually merged (on Aug 21st, 2021), but the docs were never updated. Was that my responsibility, once it got merged? If so, how would I time the update of the docs with a release that contained the change? E.g. there was a 0.8.0 release in August, but I don’t think it picked up my change, so it wasn’t until the 0.9.0 release (November 2021) that it would have been appropriate to edit the docs, right? Just trying to understand the appropriate process, thanks!
@User wondering if this is in your wheelhouse…
i dont think there's an automatic scrapper that copies PR description section of
to pinot-docs repo at all. I think the only thing that will probably be documented in PR description is release-note where release-manager will consolidate into one article under the release tag, such as:
@User - could you explain more about what you meant by “PR merge should have gone to docs automatically”? Thanks!
@User when you said “We should keep modifying the docs”, does that mean whenever a PR is merged, any doc changes should be rolled in at that same time? Based on, it sounds like there’s a step I should have done, to create a PR with the documentation changes (or edit the docs directly). But I don’t understand the “take snapshot on docs” comment…if I edit directly, then the live docs are now out of sync with what’s available.
Ideally yes
when we release a new version, we can also take a snapshot from gitbook for that version
how does this work with the case Ken mentioned above. when the order of events is • feature is merged • docs change is merged • release N is out without the new feature • release N + 1 is out with the new feature
Assume we already have 0.9.0 released and 0.9.0 doc. Then you add a new feature in 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT Then add the docs in the release 0.10.0, we will release this feature and also make a cut for pinot doc as well for 0.10.0 release
Meanwhile in the doc, it’s also good to say that this feature is supported from 0.10.0 release
@User - when you say “add a new feature”, are you talking about when a PR is merged? And what about when a release is cut from an earlier point in master, and then some changes are cherry-picked (which is pretty common)?
hmm, if that is the case, we should modify the doc to mention this feature is supported from 0.11.0.
Also it’s possible to modify pinot document site to delete certain pages from a tag