# troubleshooting


02/24/2022, 9:45 PM
qq, do you recommend setting
to true? I see a github issue from pinot 0.2.0 that switched it to false by default due to high controller gc. Do you think it's safe to enable now? Pinot has evolved a lot since then. 🙂
context: we have a lot of tables with tiny segments, and we are going through and fixing them, but in the meantime we notice a huge amount of zk messages, mostly from broker resource and the tables w tiny segments.
If anything we can try and let you know how it goes, unless you recommend not to even try it.
Sorry to bug you guys: @Mayank @Jackie @Xiang Fu do you think it's safe to enable batch mode on the controllers?
Whenever you have time lmk


02/24/2022, 11:30 PM
This flag is actually passed to Helix, and I don't think we have upgraded Helix since
. I'm not sure if the issue described in the PR applies to you, so I would suggest enabling it in a staging cluster and monitor how it works


02/24/2022, 11:43 PM
nice, thanks! Will let you know how it goes.
Hopefully the findings will be helpful
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