Hi all. I am facing the below issue while creating...
# troubleshooting
Hi all. I am facing the below issue while creating schema or table executing by CLI from pods. I have deployed Pinot in K8 using helm charts. Kindly help me to fix this issue.
FYI, Pinot version - 0.7.1
It says port is already in use? Check what process is using the port that Pinot wants to use
did you also deployed a non-k8s pinot cluster? if you are trying to connect to a k8s pinot cluster you should start a port-forwarding using kubectl control to access the localhost:9000 port directly (and that might've also failed because address is already in used so check against the process that occupies the port)
I am running pinot on gcp kubernetes engine. And also I have a setup in minikube in my local but i have stopped that.
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Also i am facing this when trying to perform the command from the Controller pod.
Are you able to access the Pinot UI?
Yes i am able to access