We have tagged one server as DefaultTenant_OFFLINE...
# troubleshooting
We have tagged one server as DefaultTenant_OFFLINE and one as DefaultTenant_a_OFFLINE (using the web gui) and then created a table with the following config:
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  "tableName": "environment",
  "tableType": "OFFLINE",
  "tenants": {
    "broker": "DefaultTenant",
    "server": "DefaultTenant"
  "segmentsConfig": {
    "schemaName": "environment",
    "timeColumnName": "ts",
    "replication": "1",
    "replicasPerPartition": "1",
    "retentionTimeUnit": null,
    "retentionTimeValue": null,
    "segmentPushType": "APPEND",
    "segmentPushFrequency": "DAILY",
    "crypterClassName": null,
    "peerSegmentDownloadScheme": null
  "tableIndexConfig": {
    "loadMode": "MMAP",
    "invertedIndexColumns": [],
    "createInvertedIndexDuringSegmentGeneration": false,
    "rangeIndexColumns": [],
    "sortedColumn": [],
    "bloomFilterColumns": [],
    "bloomFilterConfigs": null,
    "noDictionaryColumns": [],
    "onHeapDictionaryColumns": [],
    "varLengthDictionaryColumns": [],
    "enableDefaultStarTree": false,
    "starTreeIndexConfigs": null,
    "enableDynamicStarTreeCreation": false,
    "segmentPartitionConfig": null,
    "columnMinMaxValueGeneratorMode": null,
    "nullHandlingEnabled": false
  "metadata": {},
  "ingestionConfig": {
    "filterConfig": null,
    "transformConfigs": [
        "columnName": "ts",
        "transformFunction": "FromDateTime(\"DepartureDate\", 'yyyy-MM-dd''T''HH:mm:ss.SSSZ')"
  "quota": {
    "storage": null,
    "maxQueriesPerSecond": null
  "task": null,
  "routing": {
    "segmentPrunerTypes": null,
    "instanceSelectorType": null
  "instanceAssignmentConfigMap": null,
  "query": {
    "timeoutMs": null
  "fieldConfigList": null,
  "upsertConfig": null,
  "tierConfigs": [
      "name": "tierA",
      "segmentSelectorType": "time",
      "segmentAge": "5m",
      "storageType": "pinot_server",
      "serverTag": "DefaultTenant_a_OFFLINE"
We expected to see segments moved from DefaultTenant_OFFLINE to the other server 5 mins after ingestion (using batch ingestion) but nothing seems to happen. Is there anything obviously wrong in the config? How should we pursue solving this problem? We cannot find any errors / interesting messages in any log.
the 5m in the tier config means that segments older than 5m will be moved, but not necessaritly 5m after igestion
the movement is done by a periodic task on the controller, which runs every hour
you can set this config on controller to be more aggressive if you want to see movement happen sooner:
Oh that explains it. And the segments have been moved overnight. Thanks for the quick reply!