Hi Everyone ! I’m looking for options to expose pr...
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Hi Everyone ! I’m looking for options to expose presto (presto coordinator) outside kubernetes with some basic auth. we are currently running Pinot and presto inside kubernetes. We have a requirement where we want to expose presto outside as a service so clients can connect via presto consume the data. please let me know if anyone has implemented the authentication at the presto layer.
@Elon any suggestions here?
Hi, you can use the lyft gateway to do this. We use istio to expose the gateway and attach presto clusters: https://github.com/lyft/presto-gateway
Another option is to only expose the presto coordinator, for example with a fixed load balancer ip or with istio if you use that.
we have exposed the Presto already as a kubernetes service. But there is no authentication by default. and anyone can login and connect. We want to setup some basic authentication so we can restrict anonymous users