# general

Adrian Cole

09/02/2020, 2:05 AM
hi, what's the general advice to bootstrap pinot as it comes up (thinking servicemanager where you have everything you need in one container)
in this case, I'm wondering if curl with the corresponding JSON is the only way, or if there is a bootstrapper to load schema and tables from a dir, or another tool is better. here's a list of things to load
what I'd like to do is make a docker layer on top of normal pinot servicemanager image that has the schema ready as it is much faster and simpler than orchestration later
currently I'm thinking about using curl in a for loop 😄
I'm guessing online there are choices like AddTable command or curl. not sure there's an offline option or not. it isn't too important to do this literally offline

Kishore G

09/02/2020, 3:36 AM
we had a version of this in perfBenchmarRunner
this is another issue we had created to have a tool that setup a table using a directory

Adrian Cole

09/02/2020, 3:49 AM
cool thx