Hey all :wave: Just jumping into this awesome tech...
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Hey all 👋 Just jumping into this awesome tech called Pinot! I'm a developer advocate from the Trino project (formerly PrestoSQL). Tomorrow we're having an episode of the Trino Community Broadcast with @User and @User about the Pinot Connector. We're covering the benefits of Trino + Pinot and why you really need Pinot to speed up your common aggregation queries for predictable response times but also gaining the benefit of federated queries over your data lake or other data sources. We'll cover a bit of the specific limitations and current work going on in the Trino-Pinot connector, and finally i'll run a simple demo with the connector! Come watch me crash my docker containers @11am EDT on https://www.twitch.tv/trinodb.
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don’t miss Brian’s guitar solo at the beginning 🎵
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will you be discussing the 50000 row limit (evaluated rows, not returned rows) https://github.com/trinodb/trino/pull/4723 Given the size of the datasets intended for Pinot and Trino, this seems like a really low default limit
That was a great session.. thanks @Brian Olsen @Xiang Fu @Elon
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Glad you liked it! I'll post the show notes + Youtube + podcast on Monday!
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