Hi All, I have a doubt, If there is nested JSON(Ve...
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Hi All, I have a doubt, If there is nested JSON(Very large nested entities at-least 5 to 7 levels of embedded jsons entries) . Which is better way of doing schema for that 1. Flatten the JSON -- Schema becomes un-scalable 2. Store Embedded JSONs(JSON indexing concept), and use JSON Evolution functions, but it showing very high time taking. I saw one technical session on Nested Indexing, they said , if one million records there, JSON evolution function might take 10 to 15 seconds to get result. Could you please tell me which is better way. How to design schema for nested JSONs.
For large json, the decoding cost is there, so depends on your query load and latency requirement, you can decide if you want to flat it or not. Typically you can try to flat all the fields you know that will be frequently queried, for the others. @Jackie has implemented json indexing, but I’m not sure if that would work for 5-7 levels json.
Well, I got , can you help me which once you suggest please. Flattening is very difficult in my scenario. We have array of embedded objects and array size is not predictable. so
Can we connect and discuss. Can you share your available time please.
I'm available after 4PM PT today, does it work for you?
You can also just try out the json index and see how it performs
Any of quick start projects implemented(used) JSon Index.
I already gone through the JSon Index youtube session. It explained overview and cons and pros only. Noting about how to implement.
take a look