Hi, is there any article about kubernetes producti...
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Hi, is there any article about kubernetes production experience for pinot? We want to learn things like optimal server count, num of segments per server, optimal resources for realtime and offline servers etc. I've found a few articles, but i want to know if there are other articles
Some of it is tribal knowledge atm, but yes would be good to document those. What are your specific questions, may be I can help
I actually dont know what should be memory size for each server for about 1 tb table with high qps. For example, we are using 128 gb memory per node in druid for all tables. But in pinot, we want to use different tenant for each big tables
Also we expect 4 segments for each day, and keep last 2 years data for a table. Each segment size can be 100 mb to 300 mb. I really dont know num servers, memory size etc
What's the read throughput/latency requirement?
For high throughput (thousands of reads) and low latency (< 200ms) you do want at least 64 GB RAM, 32 cores and load each server with few hundreds of GBs of data on SSD.
If the data can be partitioned, that really helps a lot with scaling for throughput
Say you load 200 GB per server, then you need 5 server nodes x 3 for replication.
This will lead you with good head room
If you want to discuss further, we can hop on a zoom call if that is more efficient.
that will perfect. we will check our requirements again. so what about brokers? 3 brokers with 64 gb memory for that 5 servers?
depending on how much cpu processing the broker is doing (how big the responses are from server) you may need to adjust broker footprint. Normally 3 brokers (for fault tolerance) with 64gb would suffice.
Again, I am saying these numbers without knowing your query workload, so take it with that grain of salt.
If you want to do a zoom call, ping me and we can setup a time.
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