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05/09/2021, 11:33 AM
am working On kerberos Kafka-Pinot Integration. I have completed the same and able to see Kafka Topics data in Pinot Table. Now I am woking on User Authentication Part. 
 When I am going on localhost:9000 I am able to see all the tables and Pinot details there directly. Instead of displaying all the details directly. I want to add one User Authentication page here. i.e. If someone click on localhost:9000 it should ask for userid and password then should move on Pinot home page. 
 Till now I have tried below steps: Created controller and broker file inside apache-pinot-incubating-0.7.1-bin/bin folder 1. 2. 3. Stared zookeeper 4.Stated broker 5.started controller 6. started Pinot content: controller.segment.fetcher.auth.token=Basic YWRtaW46dmVyeXNlY3JldA controller.admin.access.control.factory.class=org.apache.pinot.controller.api.access.BasicAuthAccessControlFactory controller.admin.access.control.principals=admin,user controller.admin.access.control.principals.admin.password=verysecret controller.admin.access.control.principals.user.password=secret controller.admin.access.control.principals.user.tables=myusertable,baseballStats,stuff controller.admin.access.control.principals.user.permissions=READ controller.port=9000 controller.zk.str=localhost:2123 content:,user secret
 command to start Broker: bin/ StartBroker-configFileName bin/ command to start Controller: bin/ StartController -configFileName bin/ command to start Pinot. bin/ but still its not asking for username and password on localhost:9000. I have tried to pull latest code from GitHub which @User has added yesterday and trying to build it in maven but for me it's showing multiple error in all the files.i.e. the forked vm terminated without properly saying goodbye. VM crash or system.exit called? Kindly Suggest what else I need to add.?

Alexander Pucher

05/09/2021, 6:37 PM
Hi RK - these docs here provide the download and build instructions: since you already have the sources, you can jump right to the Maven part
also, if you have the option, I’d suggest to build with java 8 or 11. Newer versions (e.g. java 16) still need some additional configs that complicate life