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Ken Krugler

07/06/2021, 6:03 PM
We generate OFFLINE segments via Hadoop, and sometimes these are updates to existing segments. In that case we want the segment names to match exactly (so that it’s an update). For most segments this is fine, as we partition by month. But there are cases where we also sub-partition by a non-date field. In this situation I don’t see a way to leverage the
interface to give us a deterministic name. If we could key off of the input (CSV) file name then it would be easy, as we’ve got full control over that. Any ideas?


07/06/2021, 6:05 PM
For REFRESH tables (which don't have time column), the segment naming scheme is something like <tableName>_idx. Does that not work?
BTW, there's an issue opened recently about the exact same requirement as yours
Looking for contributions 😉

Ken Krugler

07/06/2021, 6:07 PM
No, because our segment names will be something like
<table name>_<country>_YYYY-MM
but for the US it’s
<table name>_us_YYYY-MM_idx
, e.g.
For cases where we don’t have that final index (sub-partition) it’s easy to ensure exact name matching. But with the US data, we need to sub-partition by a field we use frequently in star tree indexes, so that we get maximum gain.
Thanks for the ref to the issue - yes, this is very similar to what we need.
Added some questions to the issue you referenced.