I want to confirm this: if I create a table 'accou...
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I want to confirm this: if I create a table 'accounts' for TenentA, I cannot create another table 'accounts' for TenantB. Is that correct? I would have to create unique names 'accounts_tenantA' and 'accounts_tenantB' ?
Yes, that is correct.
I would argue this is not multi-tenancy
it's just pinning of data to specific servers
It is multi-tenant in the sense that multiple tenants (clients) can share the same table and set of resources in Pinot. What it does not provide today is client level isolation.
having to share the same table is the opposite of multi-tenancy
...the table would need a tenant/client id of some sort
and the tenants data would be mixed in the same table
Quick google search for definition MT yields:
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Multi-Tenant – Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. Each customer shares the software application and also shares a single database. Each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.
Note single database - you won't have multiple tables with same name in the single database.
@User I think what Josh is looking for is use the same table but have multiple tenants access that
@User can you please elaborate your need
There are few more knobs and concept of quota
I have created an issue to capture this requirement: https://github.com/apache/incubator-pinot/issues/7138.
@User May I request you to add more details to the issue as needed?