How to use GraphQL API endpoint with Pinot? We ar...
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How to use GraphQL API endpoint with Pinot? We are storing data in Pinot DB. GraphQL endpoint should query the Pinot DB. The need of GraphQL endpoint is to fulfill dynamic info requirements from front end.
Pinot does not have GraphQL API support atm.
Does Pinot support retrieval from gRPC endpoints?
AWS AppSync backed by pinot api is working perfectly for us
we have gRPC endpoints on servers not brokers.. what would you get if there was a grpc end point
The use case I was thinking about was this. Very interesting observability use case involving gRPC, but what if it could connect to Pinot for anomaly detection?
thats an amazing article, thanks for sharing
I am guessing you are interested in the grpc streaming api?
That’s true. No use case currently that I am seeing with startups that I am advising but I foresee gRPC becoming more popular in the very near future.