Aaaand here I am again XD We are deploying Pinot t...
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Aaaand here I am again XD We are deploying Pinot to our staging environment (on k8s). We are using the provided helm package, but we need the option to have an ingress resource. We couldn't find it inside project's the helm files ( Are we missing something here?
Also, we are willing to help add it to the project in case you are short-handed
@Daniel Lavoie ^^
Hi! That would be a nice addition to the chart indeed. Just make sure it can be opt-out (or opt-in). Some people prefer to use seperate ingress mechanism such as Load Balancer services or other custom CRD (Traefik has IngressRouteCRD for example).
Thanks, I'll take this back to my team πŸ™‚
Ok, we are starting to add the ingress (we'll create an issue soon and do all that's asked). And we have a (maybe) dumb question: why is the appVersion
? can we bump it to
or should we remove the
part of it?
Or should we correct it to
Also: what is the minimum version of kubernetes you want to support? So we can use the correct api version
Here's a draft PR for adding Ingress to the project's helm chart:
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And it is ready for release. Sorry for the delay
@Xiang Fu can you please answer the questions above? Thanks πŸ™‚
Thanks @Diana Arnos! for versioning, it’s different than the pinot release version. Typically I will build and put the binaries in the folder, but feel free to bump it for significant changes
For the k8s version, usually we want to catch up with most the cloud vendors. So far the lowest version is 1.18.16 from Amazon EKS.
@Xiang Fu I just answered all your questions and updated the PR. Let me know if you need anything else
Thanks! @Diana Arnos
I was out on PTO and I couldn't answer the comments sooner. Let me know if this solves the issue, @Xiang Fu:
lgtm! thanks!