Hi Pinot folks :slightly_smiling_face: I am gettin...
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Hi Pinot folks 🙂 I am getting some segments of my table as unavailable (error code 305):
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    "message": "7 segments...unavailable",
    "errorCode": 305
I am okay to let go of these segments to query my table. How can I do that? Or anything I can do to bring these back up? I tried reloading but doesn’t help. Also, this is an REALTIME table.
Controller logs:
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Unable to find a next state for resource: span_event_view_1_REALTIME partition: span_event_view_1__7__10175__20220321T0925Z from stateModelDefinitionclass org.apache.helix.model.StateModelDefinition from:ERROR to:ONLINE
What does the idealstate assignment say? Is it assigned to a server that is no longer in cluster? If so, try rebalance.
The server is it assigned to is there in the cluster @User. Idealstate shows ONLINE for this segment.
@User This was solved by resetting these segments (in BAD state).
Thanks for confirming
@Mayank what is the correlation between
segments unavailable
error and upsert enabled table..