Does anyone have any thoughts on Pinot/Superset ve...
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Does anyone have any thoughts on Pinot/Superset versus ElasticSearch/Kibana? Anyone have experience operating the two at scale, or can offer their pros/cons?
@Ken Krugler is the man!
Well . the major difference will be depending on the use case . For an example if you want to just index the data and query that data , Elastic can do it on scale . But the difference comes when you have to upsert those record in scale and get the response in terms of aggregation of those result sets . Pinot will do it pretty faster for you in comparison to elastic . Even when both are eventually consistent , pinot will be way ahead in the game just because instead of elastic , pinot can do the upsert in memory in the real time table and get you aggregated results .
I still recommend @Ken Krugler’s video for a more thorough comparison.

@Alex Gartner I’ve operated ES quite a bit and am working with Pinot now (though much less experienced on Pinot). If you have more specific questions I’d be happy to try to answer
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