# releases-and-early-demos

Aayush Jain (

12/21/2021, 8:54 AM
Hello folks! I am excited to share that we've launched on Product Hunt today. It would mean so much to us if you can spare a few minutes to support us there!
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Alex Izydorczyk

12/21/2021, 3:34 PM
Hi, this is very cool! Amazing job putting this together. If I can offer some unsolicited feedback… It would be interesting if you offered reverse stack look up by data tool (ie. “Rather than what tools does Instacart use”, “Who uses technology X”?)
I would also consider visualization the tool categories somehow to show the hierarchy of tools and show tools that fit the same general category but then address a different subcategory
Finally, I’d be curious how you think about the “sponsored” posts where a given category is explained by a “partisan” member of the community (ie. Someone who works for a specific company in that category as opposed to a user) - the ability to define a category seems to at last undermine the “Switzerland” feel to it a bit.
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Anyway, just trying to be constructive. Overall, really amazing database of tools - I learned about a number of technologies I didn’t know about before looking at this