Hey all! We’re hiring remote (US only) positions f...
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Hey all! We’re hiring remote (US only) positions for our data team at Pliancy - where we’re committed to growing the next generation of technology leaders to revolutionize how organizations value technology. Open positions: Data Engineer Analytics Engineer We’re looking for people who are passionate about data, and want to build a revolutionary data stack with us! We’re looking to expand rapidly within the GCP ecosystem, our current stack is: • Airbyte • BigQuery • Dataform (SQLX) • Looker (LookML) Highlight here - one of the first priorities for our data engineer role is to build and expand airbyteAirbyte  connectors for some best-in-breed SaaS apps. DM me with any questions would love to share our vision with you! P.S. helpful hint - if you do apply we read the application questions first!
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