Hello, I am trying to sync data from a self hosted...
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Hello, I am trying to sync data from a self hosted mongodb setup to mongodb atlas using Namespace Configuration as “Mirror source structure”, Table prefix is empty, Sync mode as “Full refresh | Append”. It shows proper schema in the “*Select the data you want to sync”* section. But the data in the destination database comes in the below form. I would like the source data object to be different keys instead of it being added in “_airbyte_data” itself. How can I implement that ?
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  "_id": {
    "$oid": "61fb98c874f7580e76c626dc"
  "_airbyte_data": <source_data_object>,
  "_airbyte_data_hash": "fd0b96e8-61c7-36d4-a266-af2bf7e43988",
  "_airbyte_emitted_at": "2022-02-03T08:56:40.120"
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PS: I have the same structure when using Redshift as a destination connector.
Hey did you enable normalisation ?
From mongo to mongo sync it doesn’t show an option to normalise data.
Also, for redshift even after enabling the normalisation it’s showing the data in the “_airbyte_data” object only
Hey we would have created more tables outside of raw tables once you enable normalisation
Yeah. So, this works on redshift. But not a Mongo to Mongo sync
We don't support dbt on mongo yet
Got it. Thank you.