Hi everyone. Has anyone used the Redshift source t...
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Hi everyone. Has anyone used the Redshift source to sync data to s3 or Snowflake? We are discussing a migration of an expensive Redshift cluster to Snowflake. The ideal initial step is to replicate the data without logic changes so we can move the BI load from Redshift to Snowflake with minimal refactoring. Once the data is replicated to Snowflake and Looker is not querying Redshift anymore, we can scale down Redshift and work on refactoring to eventually discontinue Redshift. Looking at the docs, it looks like the Redshift source does not support incremental syncs, but apparently it's planned. Is there a target date? Even then, would the source be suitable for syncing a lot of data (many GB per day) or is it designed to work with small to medium size tables?
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Team is looking/researching into this as a source but we don't have a concrete timelines on this