*Airbyte Version*: 0.35.53-alpha *Source name/vers...
# troubleshooting
Airbyte Version: 0.35.53-alpha Source name/version: Google Analytics or MsSQL Destination name/version: MsSQL It would be great if you'd created a github issue since this is actually a real UX flaw. The video shows a) in the first part that the front end is very unresponsive if you work with sources that do have more than 50 tables b) the uncheck/ check all box does not work at all - independently of the number of tables in a db: the second example uses google analytics = less than 15 tables https://www.loom.com/share/b23fba1b207d4012bab0f01c75f881d4
@Tim Roes (Airbyte) fyi
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx @Tim it is not a problem anymore - i simply did not get the ux I had to click on the apply button UX is slow but it works sorry for raising this
Hi, thanks for the feedback. Yes the UX for that is not yet ideal, we keep iterating over it, and make sure to improve this in future versions