Hey guys, how are you? hope everything good, Im tr...
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Hey guys, how are you? hope everything good, Im trying a MySQL connection, the DB is accesible using DBeaver with the same credentials, but airbyte sends the following error:
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Could not connect with provided configuration. Error: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Communications link failure The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.)
I have been looking around and I’m sure the db is accesible, so I’m not sure why it’s not connected, also the credentials are okay. Any one knows what might be happening?
Can you check this?
Thanks I will try to add the enabledTlsProtocols=Tlsv1.2
worked like a charm! but i used:
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Thanks a lot @Noah Kawasaki
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