02/09/2022, 4:47 AM
Hello !! I am trying to sync the data to Oracle DB using Oracle connector. 1. But I do not see Incremental - Deduped option under sync modes. As per the Oracle DB notes, it was supported. Am I missing some thing here ? Please suggest. 2. Also normalization is not supported for Oracle DB. How can one enable normalization to create normalized tables as per the notes.

Narender Kumar

02/09/2022, 5:00 AM
Hey can you give us more info similar to issue template pinned to #public-troubleshooting
Done @Harshith (Airbyte)
@Harshith (Airbyte) the above archive is not accessible. Do I need to create a account for this.
I have updated it
@Harshith (Airbyte) Does this link has any information? Its not redirecting to any page. Can you please check
I just attached to other thread so that someone who comes to this thread can see later updates