Liren Tu (Airbyte)

Liren Tu (Airbyte)

06/22/2022, 6:50 PM
Hello everyone, @Jared Rhizor (Airbyte) and I worked on a word game, RobinWords. You start with a four-letter word. You can change one letter at a time to get to another word. The goal is to reach three target words in as few steps as possible. Everyday the target words will be different. Today we are doing a special daily challenge for Airbyte. The starting word is
, and the target words are
. You can see my best attempt so far below. Each square is one word. The orange one is the starting one, and the green ones are the target words. The Robin bird represents my result, and the robot one is the shortest possible path. 📅 6/22/2022🐦 :large_orange_square::large_green_square::large_green_square::large_green_square: 🤖 :large_orange_square::large_green_square::large_green_square::large_green_square: https://robinwords.com/daily You can share the result on social media and compete with your friends, just like Wordle. We are excited for everyone to give it a try.
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