Same connector as above (a python HTTP API source ...
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Same connector as above (a python HTTP API source connector). I have an API the able to grab the 1st stream okay. But what I need is to take each record of the first stream and use the id for a 2nd stream. Can anyone provide me direction on how to do that?
Thanks @Marcos Marx (Airbyte) for replying. I saw that page, but it's basically all about caching, with only a mention of the nested stream part (it only says that there is a HTTPSubStream inheriting from HTTPStream and override the stream_slices method, but not how to do any of that). And there isn't really any description of how to nest streams and no examples. Sorry, this is the first connector I've ever written
@Craig Condie - I do this in the Webflow connector, which is described in detail in this tutorial -
@Alex Marquardt (Airbyte) Thanks!