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10/31/2022, 5:57 PM
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Ella Rohm-Ensing (Airbyte)

Ella Rohm-Ensing (Airbyte)

10/31/2022, 6:06 PM
@Davin Chia (Airbyte) (tagging bc of git blame) This passing build is running on my branch, not on the master branch. I'm guessing we're missing a qualifier like here? However I'm not sure if that would completely fix it, with regards to the logic of "if the last build failed and this one succeeded" where the last build could have also been on a non-master branch 🤔
Davin Chia (Airbyte)

Davin Chia (Airbyte)

10/31/2022, 7:31 PM
very possible I missed that! I'm busy hacking now - want to throw up a PR and iterate on it together over the next few days?
Ella Rohm-Ensing (Airbyte)

Ella Rohm-Ensing (Airbyte)

10/31/2022, 7:35 PM
Sure, can do!
9:51 PM
Threw one up here: https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/pull/18737 Have a few ideas, will take a look when I have time