Anyone experiencing google ads connector issues ``...
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Anyone experiencing google ads connector issues
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2022-02-16 02:04:10 WARN i.a.w.p.a.DefaultAirbyteStreamFactory(internalLog):96 - Request made: ClientCustomerId: ####, Host: <|>, Method: /, RequestId: XXX, IsFault: True, FaultMessage: User doesn't have permission to access customer. Note: If you're accessing a client customer, the manager's customer id must be set in the 'login-customer-id' header. See <>
it appears the
is not properly being set as the manager’s customer id
This is for a new connection or an older one? Also the Google Ads version helps
ah yeah sorry i normally add all the details. its an old connection that was working fine. its google ads source
and i’ve had this running fine in the past with the same credentials (i’ve just tried the same version and just upgrade to the new version
and still same issue)
i have the same credentials for a google sheet connector (same client id, client secret and refresh token) and that still works. so i’m not concerned that the client is no longer working. is it possible the underlying API call has changed? see
Note: If you're accessing a client customer, the manager's customer id must be set in the 'login-customer-id' header
Looks like a some problem with the kind of account with which you are trying to access. Do you mind trying with another google ads account if you have?
@Harshith (Airbyte) it looks like its an issue with how the request is being made, it is using the customer ID and not the manager ID
read my comment above.
and look at the error message. the
ClientCustomerId: ####
is the customerID but it should be the managger ID
it appears the google ads API is using the new version but i dont think this has been considered in the connector
Ahh so this is not letting folks use manager account to pull data right?
i want to confirm with you before i submit a PR to fix this bug. but could there be a type on this line that it should be
in the header and not
Hey looks like that is a good configuration I found this documentation here.
hmm alright. so my concern is that the
is showing the first of the
(it can receive a list) in the error when it says
Request made: ClientCustomerId
and not the manager customer id
how do i see if the login_customer_id is being included in the authorisation header?
have you read this section it looks like the
header must be provided e.g. see below
can you please confirm this is happening
@[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx if you have some time to pair on this briefly please let me know
@gunu we got a test account with manager creds, @Harshith (Airbyte) it’s doing some tests
for anyone following. this was an issue on our end with google console authentication