Gabriel Souza

02/18/2022, 7:30 PM
Hello, I've got AirByte set-up to pull data from a MS Sql Server and push the data to Postgres server on AWS, I'm able to run the job but no data is being sent. Is there a configuration setting that I might be missing.

Manoj Yadav

02/18/2022, 7:44 PM
Hello @Manoj Yadav it’s possible to share the connection settings page? when creating the connection you’re able to select the tables?
Sure, let me see where to get that. Where is the best place to get that setting from?
Will it be possible for us to jump on a quick call for me to screen share?
here one example

Dustin Wood

02/18/2022, 9:12 PM
Here is what I see in the settings:

Madhu Prabhakara

02/18/2022, 11:01 PM
Looks the source is not reading the tables from MSSQL.
Can you check permissions from the user you’re using?

Vinod Varma

02/21/2022, 7:31 PM
Ok, I'll check that and get back.

Renzo B

02/22/2022, 5:24 PM
Hi @Marcos Marx (Airbyte)
Yes. I just confirmed that the user has read only permission

Ofek Katriel

02/22/2022, 7:15 PM
Hi @Himanshu Yadav, do you mind: • sharing the output of the query you ran to list the table on which your user has read privilege • share your server logs (downloadable from the settings page) • open an issue on our repo that explains your problem?

Renzo B

02/22/2022, 7:48 PM
Hi @[DEPRECATED] Augustin Lafanechere , we were able to log into SQL Server Management Studio with the above user and able to see all tables and query any one of them. Would that not be sufficient to prove that the user has the right permissions to read the database and data from those tables?

Jason Ofua

02/23/2022, 7:44 PM
Are you trying to sync using CDC? If yes, describe for some cases you need db_owner permission. If not, could you share the command to check the user permissions in MSSQL? I’ll run it against our integration database

Saurabh Mathur

02/26/2022, 9:42 PM
Airbyte is able to copy data from MSSQL server to Postgres's `_airbyte_raw_{tablename}`but it doesn't show in the actual table.
Why is that?
timestamps at
match with when the sync ran successfully.