Hi All, I have a question regarding integration w...
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Hi All, I have a question regarding integration with one of MySQL flavours - MariaDB. Is there anyone who knows about possibility of using CDC feature with it? My doubt is that MySQL has binlog and CDC included in its own engine, so you get it right away since the very beginning, with MariaDB there's another case as you can turn on binlog on database itself, but when you want to leverage CDC, you need to setup separate service that is placed on another port than database itself. Airbyte doesn't provide a functionality of selecting port for CDC, so it's hard to understand if this is even possible to be done with MariaDB. Glad to hear your suggestions! Ps. Debezium (which u use) itself says, that it needs just a binlog to read and parse, but still it doesn't help me to understand whether it is enough and so far tests are not successfull :<
@Marcos Marx (Airbyte) @Harshith (Airbyte) u know sth more about it? :)
there is also a free tier of upsolver, which supports mariadb cdc to S3