Jonathan Neo

06/15/2022, 2:48 AM
Hey folks, After nearly 3 months working in stealth, I am really excited to announce the launch of my education business, Data Engineer Camp, a 14-week part-time data engineering bootcamp designed to give you and your team the skills you will need to become a highly proficient data engineer with the modern data stack. I have designed this bootcamp with two groups of people in mind: 🏋 For professionals We heard you. You are looking to break into the highly demanded and lucrative field of data engineering. More info here: https://dataengineercamp.com/ 💼 For companies We have seen your struggle to find strong data engineers and are looking to skill-up or transition your existing software or data/BI teams into data engineers. More info here: https://dataengineercamp.com/company/ The bootcamp curriculum covers data engineering fundamentals before diving into the modern data stack: Airbyte, Databricks, Snowflake, Spark, dbt, Airflow, Kafka, Druid, Docker, AWS, and GitHub Actions. The bootcamp takes place over 14 weeks on a part-time basis, and is taught through live virtual classrooms. The bootcamp starts on 5 September 2022, and I am offering a 25% discount for enrolments before 1 July 2022. Get more info and sign up here:🏋 For professionals: https://dataengineercamp.com/ 💼 For companies: https://dataengineercamp.com/company/