Hi! :wave: It seems that normalized tables get th...
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Hi! 👋 It seems that normalized tables get their names truncated to 43 characters when they have a prefix. Is that an expected behavior? (More details in thread ⬇️ )
I am creating a connection between a Postgres instance and Clickhouse. The postgres table name is
, the prefix is
. If I look into the UI, there is no problem, the stream name is
. Nevertheless, when I look in Clickhouse, the prefix gets truncated and I end up with
. What's strange is that the
table is good though: I do get a
table. I assume the problem comes from the transformation part? Is that a bug or a feature?
All transformed tables get truncated to 43 characters, and it's the prefix that gets truncated. All
tables have no issues with their names.
Examples from clickhouse
Sometimes both the prefix AND the original stream name get truncated
Yes this is due to a limit here: https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/blob/74c419572165dee3b668fcb86fd9eb28a0a8d39b[…]normalization/transform_catalog/destination_name_transformer.py i’m not sure why clickhouse’s limit is set to be the same as Postgres… from what you are reporting it seems like we could set a higher limit before the truncating operations kick in you can open a pull request / issue to tweak that
Thank you for this insanely fast response!
Actually it seems that Clickhouse has no limit on identifiers. Should we set it to 255 to give some more room?
yes, if you can submit a pull request with a higher limit, the team will assist you and run the integration tests to verify that won’t break anything