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Maëlise Castel

05/17/2022, 1:26 PM
Hi, is it possible to use the classes of airbyte via ? I'm trying to add them in my gradle to build my destination (that I build outside of the airbyte repo) but it never recognizes the airbyte classes. Here's a part of what I did in my
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repositories {
    maven {
        url '<>'

Marcos Marx (Airbyte)

05/18/2022, 1:57 PM
No, Airbyte currently doesn't upload to Maven. Maybe this repos are tests executed last year.

Maëlise Castel

05/18/2022, 1:58 PM
ok thank you

Chasen Sherman

05/18/2022, 6:33 PM
@Maëlise Castel, were you able to get your destination to build outside of the airbyte repo? If so, curious how -- this is a pain for me as well right now

Maëlise Castel

05/19/2022, 7:09 AM
I couldn't really, what I did is that I put my destination in the airbyte repo, it is not that heavy. You can remove everything not useful for you if you want to have a lighter repo. If you have any questions or remarks, I'd be glad to share things with you
@Chasen Sherman I finally decided to implement my destination in python to easily build it outside the airbyte git repo
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