# help-api-cli-orchestration

Eliot Salant

05/17/2022, 11:58 AM
I have just started to try using octavia on the Mac. I have been following the directions on the video - I have run octavia init and it creates the (empty) directories. octavia list connectors destinations works - I get a list of connectors. However, when I try: octavia generate destination 4816b78f-1489-44c1-9060-4b19d5fa9362 s3 šŸ™ - Octavia is targetting your Airbyte instance running at http://localhost:8000 on workspace 80aad121-ae3f-43da-81d8-b41a4b79d424. Error: Definition 4816b78f-1489-44c1-9060-4b19d5fa9362 does not exists on your Airbyte instance. What am I missing? Thanksā€¦

Augustin Lafanechere (Airbyte)

05/17/2022, 1:45 PM
Hi @Eliot Salant, this error means that the S3 connector was not found on your airbyte instance... Do you see the S3 destination connector in the connector list on your settings? Do you mind creating a topic on our forum to discuss this more in-depth if you need additional assistance?

Eliot Salant

05/17/2022, 6:09 PM
Thanks Augustin. I have created: When I do: octavia list connectors destinations I in fact get back the S3 connector - I am getting the Destination Definition ID from there: S3 airbyte/destination-s3 0.3.0 4816b78f-1489-44c1-9060-4b19d5fa9362 When I go into the web interface, I see S3 in the list of available destination connectors. I also tried to create a new S3 destination connector, going to IBM COS. I am able to write my own Python code to connect to my S3 endpoint, however I cannot get this to work through the GUI. One thing that is strange is the interface asks for the S3 Bucket Region. I do not need to supply that when connecting programmatically. Also, the drop down list has the regions according to the Amazon AWS specification which is different than IBM COS. Consequently, when I try to create a connector leaving this field blank, I get the error: Container storage location with specified provisioning code not available (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidLocationConstraint;