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Hey <!channel>! Here are the patch notes from v0.35.68-alpha to v0.38.1-alpha 🚀 Upgraded to Beta: • Source: Mailchimp • Source: Smartsheets • Source: Instagram • Source: TikTok Marketing • Source: Google Analytics • Source: Amplitude 🚀 New connectors in Alpha: • Source: Faker (#11738) • Source: TiDB (#11283) (contributed by Daemonxiao) *New and improved features* • The Connector Catalog page now shows Cloud Availability status (#12081) • Added connector certification statuses to Airbyte OSS (#12599) • The Connection Settings page now displays the union of schema and replicated schema (#11611) • Docker container names now follow the Kubernetes naming convention
. (#12503) • The Amazon Ads and Snowflake connectors now support OAuth2.0 (#11430)(#10953) • The Snowflake destination connector now supports staging encrypted files using AWS S3 (#12452) • Added the
field to the
for the Amazon Ads source connector (#11660) • Added several new streams for the Salesloft source connector (#11460) • Added the
streams for the Github source connector. (#11893) • The Postgres source connector now uses role-based permissions while listing tables (#11938) • The Postgres destination connector now supports additional JDBC connection options (#12195) • Added the
cost basis data
, and
update expiration date
fields to the credits ledger entries for the Orb source connector (#11528) • Added the
, and
streams to the Pipedrive source connector (#11870) • The Smartsheets source connector now supports incremental reads (#12077) • The JDBC source connector now adjusts the streaming query fetch size dynamically (#12400) • The Mixpanel source connector now supports incremental syncs for the
, and
Cohort Members
streams (#11501) • The Salesforce source connector now uses the UTF-8 charset by default and ISO-8859-1 charset as fallback (#12576) • The Facebook Marketing source now allows you to configure the
parameter (#12171) • The MongoDB source connector now displays subfields (#12428) • Added deals associations for quotes for the Hubspot source connector (#12198) • The database secret store is now used as a default store instead of storing secret as plain text in the configuration database (#12516) • Added user notifications for connections that have been disabled automatically (#11670) • Process names now include information about the job type (#12561) 🐛 Bug fixes • Fixed the broken password reset functionality for Airbyte Cloud (#12637) • The Zendesk Support source connector now displays all users for the
stream (#12122) • The Redshift S3 destination connector now supports editing and saving configurations for existing connections (#12085) • Corrected the
data types for the Hubspot source connector (#12424) • The Amplitude source connector no longer returns a 404 error if there’s no data for the specified time range (#12430) • The Intercom source connector now correctly filters the records in the
stream (#12374) • You can no longer edit deleted connections (#12254) • Sources no longer hang if they have orphaned threads (#12544) • Fixed a source of frequent out of memory (OOM) errors in database source connectors (non-CDC) octavia loves Thank you to our awesome contributors! @itaseskii @dizel852 @Chun-Sheng @Luis Gomez @Luke Alexander @Daemonxiao @Paweł Kociński @Jonathan Alvarado @kattos-aws @Mahdi Dibaiee @Dany Chepenko @Pedro Calleja @dingobar @jordan-glitch @Daniel Stevenson @Azhar Dewji @Jags (Kloud.io) @Ohcui @Eric Avila @Anushree Agrawal
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