Artem, not urgent - when you are up can you take a...
# dev-frontend
Artem, not urgent - when you are up can you take a look at a frontend test? My Airbyte release keeps on erroring out on a front end test (see here, here and here). This ended up passing after I increased the sleep time from the 5 sec default to 10 secs here. Interestingly, only see this happen on the release action (I’ve seen normal builds pass). This passed locally for me everytime I tried to run it (~ 5 times now) The only difference I can see is the node type. The normal builds run on beefier nodes, while the release workflow runs on normal github runners. Curious what you think
maybe I spoke too soon. currently seeing time outs on the release PR builds
Hey. Yeah I have seen there was some problem with timeouts for e2e tests. Do we still face that problem? I Can take a look tomorrow if error is still there
Yeah I think so. Just ran into it locally for the first time