Talend is doing a big webinar event tomorrow: <htt...
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Talend is doing a big webinar event tomorrow: https://www.talend.com/connect/?
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It was (predictably) a long commercial for Talend's upcoming product line - but there were a lot of cool ideas and some data architecture discussions that I thought were really interesting
Any cool feature you would like to see in Airbyte? 😄
It was more a high-level "here's your entire architecture" type of thing. Their big thing they were pushing was a concept called "Data Health" where they have this whole complicated scoring system for determining the accuracy and trustworthiness of your data. Which is something I've felt intuitively but they articulated it really well. But most of that kind of thing lives in a different layer in the stack from where Airbyte lives. From that perspective though, is there a way in Airbyte to send webhooks when data operations fail or exceed a configurable process TTL ?
Or perhaps monitoring via Prometheus or something similar?
Within their model the part where Airbyte lives they are solving with Stitch which, in my opinion, Airbyte is well on it's way to surpassing