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Samantha Jacobus

04/21/2022, 4:56 PM
Hey everyone! Estuary is an open-source DataOps Platform that empowers engineering teams to build real-time, data-intensive applications at scale with minimal friction. Our team is rapidly growing, VC funded and led by two successful, repeat founders. We are looking for an enthusiastic, data-driven engineer to help build and empower a community of data practitioners and developers around Flow, our managed cloud service platform. This role will focus on three main legs of our Developer Relations efforts: • Community • Education • Product ◦ Create engaging video and written content that excites users and educates them on how to be successful with Flow ◦ Build technical demos that demonstrate the power of Flow ◦ Curate and share updates with the right audiences to build our community, ensure their feedback makes it into the product, and support them to share content they’ve created. ◦ Help the engineering team create the strongest products possible by capturing developer feedback and contributing yourself. ◦ Speak at conferences and in other forums about the latest developments in Real-time data integration technology ◦ Author and edit documentation. Create your own samples and best practices to share, and help developers build better products and content. If you are passionate about open-source software, data democratization and developer communities, do not hesitate to reach out! Contact: