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Ari Bajo

12/08/2021, 9:54 PM
Airbyte's engineering blog is out! The first article comes from @Jared Rhizor (Airbyte) "When we first started orchestrating third-party containers in Kubernetes, we found out that we needed to extend container entrypoints to be able to perform syncs. Since Kubernetes does not allow inspecting Docker entrypoints, we needed a strategy to identify this entrypoint when launching the container." More articles coming soon! Excited that our engineers are sharing the code on our Github repo and also our learning along the journey :)
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Curious to know what's everyone's favorite engineering blog?

Jags (

12/08/2021, 10:03 PM Has some great articles about their massive infrastructure and how they push AWS to the limits
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Fernando Nava

12/09/2021, 5:02 PM
Nice post! For future blog posts - Would like to hear about thinking behind using temporal ? Did you guys think about using argo for orchestration?
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Ari Bajo

12/10/2021, 10:12 AM
Thanks Fernando, that's a great suggestion! We'll definitely write an article about how we use Temporal... I think the team compared a few orchestrators earlier this year including ArgoCD... I can't tell myself why Temporal was chosen but the upcoming article should give some light ;)