We wrote a <blog post> explaining how Airbyte work...
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We wrote a blog post explaining how Airbyte works on Kubernetes - those that run Kube might want to give this a read to better understand what goes on behind the scenes!
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Reminds me I need to do a PR to push our changes upstream to run all containers as non root
good idea - can you create an issue?
It might be interesting to spike the techniques proposed by Isovalent, where they take advantage of the eBPF capabilities and eventually eliminate the sidecar. Thus, it would help Airbyte eliminate the network overhead for example https://isovalent.com/blog/post/2021-12-08-ebpf-servicemesh
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@Davin Chia (Airbyte)
interesting! the other approach we are going to try out is to see if we can schedule the separate containers in the same pod