hi all, wondering why on an `incremental | append`...
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hi all, wondering why on an
incremental | append
sync method, in Snowflake, the final destination table is still dropped and refreshed? it seems a bit inefficient and counter-intuitive
Hi @Kyle Mok, are you using basic normalization? If yes, could you please check that the
ables are not re-created on each run and this problem only occurs for the normalized tables.
correct, the
tables are not recreated. the final destination tables are though, which seems a bit counter-intuitive to me
wondering if there's a reason for this, and if there's a way to change it to be append as opposed to recreate, since it tends to be inefficient for larger tables
@Chris Duong [Airbyte] do you know if this is an expected behavior for snowflake incremental normalization?
can you post logs?
let me see if I can find logs for this - I'm using snowflake's
metadata on the table itself:
I see a transient table, can you post your airbyte version too?
(new version of airbyte are producing permanent tables now)
at the bottom of the UI I see : 0.30.20-alpha
let me know if that is the version or if it's somewhere else
if you upgrade your airbyte version to something greater than `0.30.24-alpha`the tables are not re-created but populated incrementally FYI we are now at version
ooooh perfect, thank you!