Jean-François Paccini

01/19/2022, 9:56 AM
Hello Airbyte Team & Community ! I have a question about your connectors for Google Ads, Facebook ads, ... and support for a large number of advertising accounts. My company (DeepReach) runs an automation saas enabling agencies/clients to operate advertising campaigns on several advertising channels. We collect detailed statistics on behalf of our clients with bespoke software and obviously Airbyte would be a great tool for us. That means we collect data for thousands of accounts, and the list is updated on a daily basis. Do you have any plans to support auto-discovery of accounts ? for google that would be all accounts linked to an MCC, for facebook all ad accounts linked to a business manager, etc... Thanks !
Hey Jean we don't have any plans for those as of now. You can create an issue where we can have discussion and track this.
ok, thanks. Will do