Atharva Bondre

09/23/2022, 11:36 AM
Hello! I'm Atharva from Scoutflo. I work in Product Research and Sales. At Scoutflo, we are working on increasing the awareness and adoption of commercial open-source products! 🚀 Our 3 stakeholders:1. COSS Products 2. Businesses (enterprise customers) 3. OSS Contributors We aim to build a series of products to solve the challenges of each stakeholder. Our 1st free product will go live in 2 months. Sign up for early access: https://www.scoutflo.com/ If Scoutflo sounds interesting 👇🏻 Learn about our long-term vision here: https://www.scoutflo.com/our-vision Follow us on our socials:- Twitter - https://twitter.com/scout_flo?t=_e4kjG3pKjG__51ByhuuBQ&s=31 - LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/scoutflo/ - Medium - https://medium.com/scoutflo/whats-the-open-source-hype-all-about-6fb55d81e7e?s=31 P.S. Our 1st blog on Medium went live yesterday!