Lauren Kaufman

Lauren Kaufman

09/08/2022, 11:28 AM
Hey everyone, I'm Lauren, a data ethics nerd who wants to unlock sensitive data for research and other data science collaboration applications in a privacy-preserving way. Airbyte is a great way to enable data operations, and we're hoping to extend dataops capabilities to enable data scientists and owners to collaborate safely and remove barriers to collaboration. I'm part of the community and team at Bitfount working to get feedback on our open beta product for federated data collaboration. Most of our applications are in healthcare and financial services. Would love to give the Airbyte community a sneak peek ahead of our launch! Feedback always welcome 😄 Check it out here for free! 👀 🚀
11:28 AM
shout out to my friends at airbyte for building such an awesome community 🤩