02/14/2022, 3:31 AM
How can I log a feature request Feature Request: Ability to have 2 Sync Frequencies for a connection: Context: In the business hours I want to be able to have a near real time sync (every 5 minutes) and in Non Business hours I want to be able to have sync every 2 hours
Hey we don't have a out of the box solution for this but you can use API which has provision for Manual sync which you can use to make this happen
hmm Trying to understand how it works if a connector is on a frequency of 5 mins
Yeah you can set it to 5 minutes and it runs for every 5 minutes. If the sync takes more than 5 then it will run after 5 minutes from finish time
@Harshith (Airbyte) Is there a request for this, I would like to +1 it
We don't have a feature request for 2 sync frequencies but if it makes sense to have one kindly create one