David Beaudway

02/17/2022, 4:50 AM
Hello -- I'm just beginning to explore Airbyte and curious about some general usability features. Any plans to add these in -- or am I overlooking something and they're already there? 1. Ability to search/filter connections, sources, and destinations a. After setting up a few connections I don't see any ability to search. We'd likely have hundreds of these in production and scrolling alphabetically would be difficult 2. Ability to "duplicate" an existing connection, source, or destination a. It'd be helpful to duplicate an existing configuration to speed up the process of creating new. In many cases there's only 1 value that differs between configurations, such as File Name. Having the option to use an existing config would be really helpful
Can you give your +1 there so that we can prioritise it accordingly

James Jefferies

02/22/2022, 5:14 PM
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